Improving Performance of Public Administration: Current Experiences and Future Perspectives

Macedonian model of policy development is close to the rationalsynoptic policy-making conceptualized by Sabatier (1999) in great detail. It includes five stages: (i) agenda setting or problem definition; (ii) policy analysis or identification of policy options and their evaluation; (iii) Adoption of a policy option; (iv) implementation of a policy option; (v) monitoring and evaluation. […]

Policy on gender equality- perception of efficiency and transaprency

Republic of Macedonia celebrated the 20th anniversary of its independence, and along with it, it celebrated 20-year efforts to build a democratic and equitable society. A society where all citizens are equal in front of the Constitution and the laws, written documents, and in practice, regardless of their ethnic, religious, social and geographical background. Equality, […]

Ways of Non-financial Gains for CSOs in the Balkans and Turkey

This policy brief aims to raise awareness among governmental officials and civil society representatives about the significance of nonfinancial forms of support (NFS) for the development of civil society in the countries from the Balkans and Turkey1. Civil society organizations (CSOs) have benefit from NFS, particularly in the Western Balkan countries, where long term financial […]