First Aid Kit – A Know How Guide for Student Researchers

The book First Aid Kit – A Know How Guide for Student Researchers is a guide for student organizations, NGOs, Student activists and everyone who is interested in the problems of higher education and who seek different methods for monitoring them.

Capitulation, Confusion or Resistance Social Capital among Macedonian High-School Students

The publication aims to promote the position of high-school students in the scientific and political discourse, that students’ opinions will be heard and taken into account by the institutions, and that the recommendations that resulted from this empirical study will be considered and adopted by the relevant actors, local and national authorities, non-governmental organizations and […]

Тhe effectiveness of EU’s regional support for CSO partnerships for fostering democratic reforms and rule of law in enlargement countries

The European Union (EU)’s commitment to involve civil society in the Enlargement started in 1989 when funding was provided for basic capacity development of newly formed civil society organizations (CSOs) in Central East Europe under the PHARE programme, which was later extended to Western Balkans and Turkey through stabilization (CARDS) and pre-accession instruments (IPA). However, […]