Frozen Recommendation

The recommendation for start of EU accession negotiations in the 2015 Progress Report of the Republic of Macedonia id frozen and conditional upon: the full implementation of the June/July Political agreement and the Urgent Reform Priorities, by the holding of the elections in April 2016, the earliest.

The western balkans and its eu integration: 2015 comparative overview

This is the first structured attempt to provide an analysis of the EU Progress Reports on Western Balkan countries and their immediate follow-up, on the basis of a harmonised methodology and unique approach by a group of CSOs (see Appendix 1). A comprehensive objective analysis of the EU progress reports of the Western Balkan countries […]

The Western Balkans’ bumpy quest for EU integration

In 2016 the TEN network provided a structured, comprehensive and objective analysis of the European Commission (EC) country reports for the first time for all the Western Balkan (WB) countries.1 This analysis enabled the comparison of the grading system and EC assessment of all the accession criteria/chapters of the country reports. At the same time, […]

The 2016 Serbia report: no surprises?

Serbia received the European Commission’s annual report as a country negotiating the EU accession (since 2014), with four chapters of the acquis communautaire already open,1 and two more under preparation for opening at the time.2 In general terms, the Commission’s tone was “between positive and neutral,”3 and, despite the anticipation resulting from the changes in reporting methodology, it brought […]

The 2016 report : Neither good not bad

Montenegro started the EU accession negotiations in 2012, with a total number of 28 chapters opened thus far, out of which three are provisionally closed.1 According to the European Commission’s grading system, Montenegro made some progress in the area of rule of law, more specifically in fight against corruption and organised crime. Montenegro is considered to be the leader […]