Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development

The development of civil society in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey (WBT) was predetermined by the region’s historical, political, economic and cultural contexts. Vast majority of the Western Balkan countries were under the socialist regime and their transition into full democratic systems is still in progress. The evolution of civil society started in the […]

National human rights institutions in Macedonia: Normative models and challenges

The idea of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) goes hand in hand with the idea of building or strengthening of democratic institutions.1 Although discussed in the United Nations (UN) already in the first years of its existence, the momentum was reached only in the 1990s. Thus, organisations on universal and European regional level have been […]

Volunteering infrastructure in Europe

In Macedonia, a volunteering legal framework was adopted in 2007 (Official Gazette 85/07). The law on volunteering sets out the basic framework of organised long-term volunteering, conditions for carrying out volunteer activities, rights and obligations of volunteers and organisers of volunteering, volunteering contract and keeping record of volunteer activities. The law recognises volunteering as an […]