Gender analysis of the programmes and budgets of the Local self-government units Study for the Municipalities Bogovinje, Aerodrom, Mavrovo and Rostuse and Gjorce Petrov

The Constitution of Republic of Macedonia guarantees equality of the citizens of Republic of Macedonia regardless of the gender, ethnic background and social status. The constitution is followed through via series of laws and acts which are founded upon the principle of equality and non-discrimination, and are exercised in the state institutions as well as […]

Women’s access to justice – Analysis

This analysis is a result of the research carried out by the Association for Equal Opportunities “Equal Access” in collaboration with the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association within the scope of the action grant “Women’s Access to Justice” held by Civica Mobilitas, and refers to the identification of the barriers that impede women’s access to justice. […]

Analysis of the implementation of the Law on free legal aid including analysis of costs (cost-benefit analysis) for its implementation with special focus on the gender perspective

Analysis of the implementation of the Law on free legal aid including analysis (cost-benefit analysis) of the costs of its implementation with special focus on the gender perspective’ is a document that Association for Equal Opportunities Equal Access prepared it within the project Network 23 with a financial support of the Institute for European Politics […]

The Global Guardian Analysis and positions on the new NATO Strategic Concept

In the past year after the last NATO Summit in Strasbourgh-Kehl in April 2009, we witnessed an intensive global security debate for the New NATO Strategic Concept. At the Summit, the Alliance created working group of experts, the so-called Group of Wise Men led by the former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The […]

Midwifery in the Republic of Macedonia situational analysis

The promotion of women’s and children’s health represents an ongoing global challenge. Despite the major advances in medicine and technology, every year more than 300.000 women throughout the world die from maternal reasons while 8 millions suffer due to complications related to childbirth. 45% of all newborn deaths occur during childbirth, while millions of children […]