About the Program

Civica Mobilitas is a civil society support facility in Macedonia that began implementing in October 2014 and will continue till September 2018.


Macedonia in which civil society plays a positive role in realizing the potential of the country and all its citizens.


To be the driving force for a sustainable civil society.

Civica Mobilitas supports civil society in promoting social change in (strategic) areas such as good governance, decentralization and civil society development. Civica Mobilitas also supports civil society in addressing and mainstreaming, where possible, three so-called “transversal issues”: gender, inter-ethnic relations, and migration. Civica Mobilitas supports CSOs and CS actors across all regions and municipalities, sectors and themes. Civica Mobilitas aims at reducing some of the large disparities in terms of the development of civil society between and within Macedonia’s regions and between and within different societal sectors.

Civica Mobilitas promotes thoughtful institutional development and organizational strengthening of CSOs. It simultaneously aims at contributing to the development of civil society as a sector and to strengthening CSOs as organizations. Within a period of up to 4 years, Civica Mobilitas aims at reaching a “critical mass” of 100 CSOs that actively engage in achieving positive social changes in Macedonia. This critical mass may help bringing about consensus on the direction and contents of key social reforms.

Target group

Civica Mobilitas targets associations and foundations that are registered under Macedonia’s Law on Associations and Foundations (16 April 2010) as well as non-governmental, not for profit media, think tanks and other types of CSOs. Civica Mobilitas also supports informal, non-registered, CS actors who are engaged in social initiatives for the common good.


Civica Mobilitas consists of the following components and activities:

  • Assisted, Networked, Learning
  • Grant Scheme
  • Research & Development


Civica Mobilitas total value is 8 million Swiss Francs.