This is the first structured attempt to provide an analysis of the EU Progress Reports on Western Balkan countries and their immediate follow-up, on the basis of a harmonised methodology and unique approach by a group of CSOs (see Appendix 1). A comprehensive objective analysis of the EU progress reports of the Western Balkan countries has been lacking. There have been efforts by CSOs at country level to provide a systematic input to the country reports and to the strategy through so-called “shadow reports”. These have been primarily intended to provide objective assessment of the accession process by the civil sector, which then served as an additional source for the Commission in the monitoring and evaluation of the countries’ progress. Furthermore, these shadow reports have served as tools for policy influence on governments. Finally, they have also been means to raise awareness of the public and promote engagement of CSOs in the EU accession process. In addition, CSOs have provided analysis and commentaries to progress reports, primarily to enrich the public discourse with an objective assessment, as well as to raise awareness of the public on the content of the Report. At regional level, comparative analysis of progress reports are done on specific issues: parliaments (Network of Parliamentary Committees of the WB) or the civil society (BCSDN).