Before the introduction of the Instrument for pre-accession (IPA), from 1992-2006, EU assisted the Republic of Macedonia with around 800 mil EUR, mainly through PHARE. With the establishment of the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) in 2007, the Republic of Macedonia as a candidate country for EU membership gained access to 622.5 million EUR for the period 2007-20131. According to the latest EC Annual Report on Implementation of Financial Assistance for Enlargement for 2011 published in December 2012, Macedonia has one of the lowest level of implementation of IPA funds for the period 2007-2011 for 3 out of 5 IPA components (27, 9% paid out of the committed funds for the I component, 24.7% for the III Component, 28, 7% for the IV Component)3. The 2011 EU’s Enlargement strategy calls upon the candidate countries to streamline activities and improve performance focusing on “key areas of the reform agenda of the beneficiary countries by using IPA funds4.