Total budget:  MKD 3,639,448

Timeframe: 24 months


The Association for Culture and Development of Creative Industries Kult-Tranzen contributes to the development of culture and cultural institutions, in the democratization and decentralization of culture, to equitable access to culture in the society, especially to marginalized groups, to the development of cultural policies at local and national level and approximating culture in the country to the European standards.


Young talented people with interest in art and culture, employed in the local administration in the cultural sector, decision makers, employed in cultural institutions and galleries, creative workers, artists, cultural managers, marginalized groups, employed in the creative industry sector (designers, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, film art, publishing work), broader public which enjoys the esthetic value of art and culture fans in general.


  • Improved functioning of the organization via improvement of the strategic documents and practices of the organization;
  • Strengthened capacities of the organization to write and manage the project cycle.