Total budget:  MKD 3,917,760

Timeframe: 24 months


“Legis” is a CSO which provides help, support, protection and advocacy of the most vulnerable categories of citizens in the Republic of North Macedonia.

  • Protection of the most vulnerable categories of citizens, including refugees and migrants;
  • Rule of law;
  • Promotion of inclusion, prevention of discrimination and non-tolerance;
  • Strengthening the interaction and deepening of the cooperation among the representatives of the various communities and social groups in the Republic of North Macedonia.


Vulnerable categories of citizens of the local communities where LEGIS Skopje has been active (persons living in poverty, persons with special needs, single parents and families with many children who face existential problems).

Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants residing at the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Young people, representatives of all ethnic communities and social groups.


  • The project will contribute to institutional development and organizational strengthening of the organization;
  • Strengthened civic participation at local level by promoting participation of people from the vulnerable categories of citizens in the creation of policies and decision making at local level;
  • Cooperation of the organization with other CSOs is strengthened via civil alliances;
  • Increased involvement of refugees and alyssum seekers in the social life via improved possibilities for employment;
  • Increased civil participation via membership and voluntary work (building strong constituents);
  • Diversification of the sources of financing of the organization as a step towards providing financial sustainability;
  • Project results are appropriately disseminated to the broader public, institutions in charge, other CSOs and alliances and to the media;
  • The project is implemented timely, with an appropriate quality, it has achieved the specific goals and expected results.