Component 1 consists of the following activities: Civica Mobilitas regional, national, ad hoc and thematic forums, support to intermediaries, assisted learning, help Desk, planning and preparation of the societal actions, facilitation, coaching and mentoring by internal and external experts.


The ‘Help Desk’ is permanent facility that is meant to provide information and support to the Programme’s target groups about the Programme’s products and services and to troubleshoot problems whenever they arise. The Programme will provide help desk services through a “physical” help desk that will be installed within the MCIC premises in Skopje. This help desk will consist of a front office that is staffed with a junior programme officer and a back office that is staffed with all other staff the Programme will employ in Macedonia.


The Civica Mobilitas Forums bring CSOs, CS actors, and their constituencies in public places (town halls, cultural centres, libraries, schools, theaters) where they will be encouraged to share their problems and solutions (ideas) promote their causes, learn together (learning), and establish consensus on their needs and the priorities that need to be acted upon in the short, medium or long term (social action).


The Programme will provide “assisted learning services” to all 100 CSOs that are included in the “critical mass”, thus including MCIC. The assisted learning services include facilitation, coaching and mentoring by internal and external experts. The Programme will provide facilitation to assist the target groups in preparing, organising, and following up on the Civica Mobilitas Forums, including the elaboration of the forum briefing papers or manifestos and outlines of local Social Action Plans.


The Programme will provide mentoring to assist all successful Institutional Grantees, with emphasis on their leadership, to implement their organisational development plans and, where needed, to develop and implement personal development plans as well, especially in the public relations part.