Civica Mobilitas

Civica Mobilitas is a civil society support facility in Macedonia and its third phase began implementing 0n 1 January 2019 and will continue until 31 December 2022.

Overall objective

Social Change in Macedonia, driven by active citizens, a strong civil society sector and good cooperation between the authorities and civil society at both the central and local level, features better governance, decentralisation and social inclusion which are reflected in real improvements in the lives of the citizens.


Civica Mobilitas has four outcomes:

  1. The environment for civil society involvement is more enabling, through created mechanisms for better cooperation between the authorities and the civil organizations and civil society financing.
  2. Civil organizations build strong constituencies allowing active citizen participation in civil society initiatives, including voluntary activities.
  3. CSOs in Macedonia collaborate better and they form alliances.
  4. CSOs and their constituencies actively participate in public policy and decisionmaking at the local and central level, leading to better policies and practices and real improvements in the daily lives of the citizens

Target group

Civica Mobilitas targets associations and foundations that are registered under Macedonia’s Law on Associations and Foundations (16 April 2010) as well as non-governmental, not for profit media, think tanks and other types of CSOs


Civica Mobilitas consists of the following components and activities:

  • Grant Scheme;
  • Learning;
  • Events.


Civica Mobilitas total value is 6 million Swiss Francs.

Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)

SDC – Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation engaged NIRAS from Denmark, and Macedonian centre for international cooperation (MCIC and SIPU from Sweden for implementing the civil society support program Civica Mobilitas.
For further information: www.eda.admin.ch/sdc


NIRAS A/S is a Danish Consultancy Company with over 1300 employees of 180 are working on development projects. Building on more than 40 years of experience in over 100 countries, NIRAS provides a full range of programme management services, including in areas such as good governance, decentralization and CS.
For further information: www.niras.dk

Macedonian Center for Internatinal Cooperation (MCIC)

MCIC is a Skopje-based CSO established in 1993 that encourages social change in Macedonia and elsewhere through mainstreaming innovative solutions to social problems. MCIC has a substantial involvement in the Macedonian CS sector, notably through leading CS ID/OS programmes, including advocacy, capacity building, granting, research, as well as humanitarian support. MCIC has implemented more than 1650 projects in Macedonia and its neighbouring countries. MCIC is a recipient of the US/EU Civic Society and Democracy Award (1998).
For further information: www.mcms.mk

FCG Swedish Development AB

FCG Swedish Development AB is a consultancy company that is the new face of ORGUT and SIPU International and is part of the Finnish Consulting Group’s global network, with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Their goal is to contribute to the development of a society where everyone is allowed to participate – be it in public sector reform, forestry, land administration, market development or the development of civil society.
For further information: www.sipuinternational.se

International staff, NIRAS / FCG

  • Sven Vejen Hindkjaer International Programme Director, NIRAS
  • Emilie Fity International Project manager, NIRAS
  • Anna Cecilie Varnild Jorgensen International Quality Assurance Manager, NIRAS
  • Gitte Kettner International Financial Controller, NIRAS
  • Petrus Theunisz International Team Leader, NIRAS
  • Simon Forester International Key Expert, NIRAS
  • Ana Vasilache International Key Expert, SIPU

National Staff, MCIC

  • Aleksandar Krzalovski, National Team Leader
  • Valentina Chicheva, National Coordinator for Institutional Grants
  • Gonce Jakovleska, National Coordinator for Information and Communication
  • Boris Ristovski, Web and Social Media Officer
  • Darko Dimov, National Coordinator for Action Grants
  • Sara Mustafa, National Coordinator for Small Grants
  • Aleksandra Siljanovska, Junior Officer for Information and Communication
  • Milka Bozinovska-Miova, National Financial Controller
  • Borce Jakimovski, Administration and Finance