Total budget:  MKD 3,424,500

Timeframe: 24 months


Macedonian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives – MAZZ has consolidated the work of the agricultural cooperatives and their members to fulfil their individual and mutual rights and interests in a modern and democratic way and contributes for the development of sustainable agriculture and quality of life.

The purpose of the organization is to protect the economic, social and cultural interests of the farmers and work on improving the conditions at the production market. In order to fulfil this goal, MAZZ has cooperated with national and international CSOs, government institutions at local and national level, as well as with entities from the area of education and business, which contribute to and influence the conditions for development of sustainable and profitable agricultural production, conditions which are necessary for the development in the rural areas and the quality of life of the farmers.

In general, the organization influences the public opinion and following the economic and political situation, timely reacts and presents the crucial issues for development of agriculture to the relevant institutions.


At the moment, MAZZ as the only umbrella organization in R. of North Macedonia where there are representatives of 49 registered agricultural cooperatives from all regions and sectors, is a basic mover and carrier of the progress of agriculture and rural environments. By meeting the needs of its members, MAZZ has contributed to the development of the communities where the cooperatives function.


MAZZ – a leading brand for farmers’ associations in RNM which will have the power to be the pillar of the active cooperative work and a driving force of the changes in the agriculture.