Total budget:  MKD 3,990,159

Timeframe: 24 months


Konekt is a leading organization to enable private donations and social responsibility directed to effective and long-term development of N. Macedonia. Konekt works on stimulating, promoting and building the structural support necessary for the culture of donating, social responsibility and financial sustainability. In this direction, Konekt is the only organization with a primary focus on the financial sustainability of CSOs. It strives to be the key part for connecting the local donors with the civil sector. Konekt enables: positive environment for philanthropy and social responsibility, support to the companies in the development of responsible businesses; developing an individual and family philanthropy; building long-term partnerships among CSOs, citizens and companies; in the direction of achieving a real social change.


  • Companies;
  • Individuals and families that donate or have the possibility to donate;
  • CSOs as final beneficiaries.


  • The organization strategically cooperates with the chambers of commerce on promoting social responsibility and cooperation with CSOs;
  • The organizational structure and systematization of the jobs are adjusted to the new strategy of the organization;
  • Promoted mechanisms and practices for human resource management;
  • Improved practices for current and operational planning;
  • Improved visual impression about the work of Konekt.