Total budget:  MKD 3,999,600

Timeframe: 24 months


The mission of our organization is to actively work and fight poverty and social exclusion and in this way encourage responsible and transparent action of the legislative, national and local authorities, as well as the business surrounding, as well as a reaction to the problems that the most endangered and most vulnerable categories of citizens and their families face, under the motto: “In the root of the long-term and significant poverty alleviation there is the task to diminish hunger because hunger is the cruelest form of poverty”.


The citizens at social risk in R.N. Macedonia, the organizations, institutions and educational institutions, mayors, local councils for economic development, business sector, food processing industries, ministries, Agency for Food and Veterinary Services, farmers, providers of restaurant and tourist services, and others.


  • Increased scope of actions and support to the poor citizens;
  • Draft Strategy for Surplus Food Management;
  • Rulebook on procedures for issuing certificates to non-profit operators with donated surpluses of food;
  • Applying to EU calls and other funds;
  • Financially stable organization;
  • Improved inner management and visibility of the organization.