Total budget:  MKD 3,966,380

Timeframe: 24 months


“Stronger Together” is an association of the community of the people who live with HIV in the Republic of North Macedonia, which provides support to them and protects their rights. It works in order to strengthen the people with HIV as equal members of the society, to respect their dignity and fulfil their health and human rights; it especially stands for providing a continuous access to the modern antiviral therapy and a comprehensive treatment of HIV infection and conditions related or unrelated to HIV, in accordance with the most recent scientific achievements.

Within this mission, apart from the direct services for peer, social and legal support, STRONGER TOGETHER has been especially active in HIV related public policy creation, as well as health care and public health.


  • People living with HIV, including those who are not aware of their HIV status, most of whom are part of the LGBTI community;
  • Broader gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men, trans people and in general the representatives of the broader LGBTQ community, especially the young people from these groups/communities;
  • The institutions, i.e. decision makers and experts from the area of health care and public health, as well as the institutions and bodies in charge of prevention and protection from discrimination and human rights protection;
  • General public.


  • Financing mechanism for the activities of the national HIV programme implemented by CSOs relies on quality standards of the services that are offered;
  • Persons living with or affected by HIS are included in the essential activities of the association, via different mechanisms, including volunteering;
  • Cooperation among many organizations that protect the rights of various groups of patients encourages public discussion on the issue of providing medicines in R.S. Macedonia;
  • Via its action, the Association contributes to informed participation of the civic sector and the involved communities in the creation of health policies.