Total budget:  MKD 3,956,500

Timeframe: 24 months


“Borka” is an organization whose basic goal is actively to participate in the creation of healthy population, aware of the risks and challenges, a country with a significantly decreased number of people affected by cancer and of course a country with a significantly increased number of people cured from cancer. One of the main tasks of “Borka” is establishing a strong and functional health care system, capable of providing for all the needs of the citizens, providing prevention, early detection, timely and modern treatments, quality life and appropriate support and care for the patients, with a focus on the health care protection of the cancer patients.


Direct target group are patients with cancer, cancer survivors and their families.

Indirect target group are all citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.


  • Diversified sources of financing of “Borka” from grant programmes;
  • Promoted financial sustainability of “Borka”;
  • Developed capacities of the newly established branches of “Borka”;
  • Improved visibility of the organization.