The Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) issued the publication “Response to the Needs of the Citizens Affected by Covid-19”, which has 15 successful actions against Covid-19, implemented by CSOs who were awarded Ad-Hoc Grants in Civica Mobilitas programme.

People are the focus of the achievements: women and children victims of violence, workers, students facing problems with access to education, the young, teachers, the poor and marginalized on various grounds, etc., all seriously affected by the pandemic.

Ad-Hoc Grants were a rapid reaction for the citizens who needed help in the first wave of Covid in the country. A year and a half later, the fight with Corona virus is still ongoing, but this publication with successful actions can be a motivation for successful action for each organization.

For the publication click HERE.

Civica Mobilitas Ad-Hoc Grants for dealing with Covid-19 pandemics were granted in April 2020, with a total value of MKD 1,426,431.