Civica Mobilitas has published the eighth issue of “Citizens for Change” newsletter which focuses on enabling environment and important changes that happen to civil society in our country in this area.

This issue of the newsletter has interesting contents inspired by the work of 28 CSOs. We covered a broad specter of topics and activities which had been implemented in all parts of the country in the first quarter of the year.

We also wrote about the Council for Cooperation and Development of the Civil Sector, covering its work and the need for bigger proactivity of all CSOs. We covey information of Konekt CSO about the importance of the regulations for prevention of financial terrorism and money laundering, and you can also read about the consultations for the new EU guidelines for the civil society within TACSO 3 project.

We follow the civic engagement and we brealk steretypes for the people with disabiltiies via the campaign of the Macedonian Institute for Media. With the ecological society Zdravec 2002 we fight against the environmental disaster at Kamenichka River by sharing the latest analyses for the level of pollution. The “March for Women’s Rights” has provided us with unique experience, to speak with the high school students Anastasija and Lea, volunteers of Hera who were bravely part if this analysis, for the first time in their lives.

When it comes to citizen participation, we have presented the success of the campaign Clear Up! when the changes of the Law on Minerals were withdrawn under the pressure of the CSOs. The digitalization of the institutions and the digital literacy in our country and the region was discussed at the event organized by Metamorphosis Foundation, and we also have interesting conclusions from the debate of the association New Contact dedicated to information management in real time. Rural Coalition has opened the local e-governance support centre and it has become a third organization in the state and one of the 15 in the region to run such a centre. We also cover the new composition of the Interparty Parliamentary Group (IPPLG) for the rights of the people with disabilities whose Secretariat is Polio Plus Movement against Disabilities, and we also present the two analyses of the “Societas Civilis” Institute for Democracy (IDSCS) concerning Euro-skepticism with the young people.

The cooperation of the Centre for Civic CommunicationsKonekt and the Association for Tax Advisors resulted in the conference “Business without Corruption” with a message that the institutions should demonstrate discipline, and the citizens should know how their money is spent. We also present the results of the gender analysis of the leadership positions made in 17 municipalities in RN Macedonia, which resulted in the conclusion that the local elections are a possibility for bigger gender equality at leadership positions. The analysis is a result of the cooperation among the Centre for Research and Policy CreationRAZM LuludiJournalists for Human Rights, Rural Coalition and Eho.

The “Green Agenda for the Western Balkans as an Encouragement for Protection of the Waters in North Macedonia” and the networking of the civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey are part of the events presented in the newsletter.

“Citizens for Change” celebrates two jubilees, ten years of the success story of the European Policy Institute and Food Bank Macedonia.

The latest issue of the newsletter can be read in Macedonian, Albanian and English.

Граѓаните за промена

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Citizens for change

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