Total budget:  MKD 3,781,174

Timeframe: 24 months


The Roma Association of Women and Youth (RAZM) LULUDI is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit, non-party and independent CSO established as a need for changes and support to the needs and problems that the Roma women in R. N. Macedonia face, including the young Roma, in order to improve the status of Roma women in the society and family, as well as increase the level of education of the young Roma via joint cooperation with other CSOs and state institutions.

The goals and tasks of the association are to create conditions and organized approach for permanent activities of women and young, as well as to follow, study and initiate issues that ask for social resolving, and are directly related to the promotion of societal and social and economic position of women and youth.

The mission of RAZM “Luludi” is improvement of the status of Roma women and young Roma in the society and family, via their full involvement in the social courses, and in cooperation with other organizations and institutions at local, national and international level.


The Roma community, Roma women, young Roma, marginalized groups.


  • Promoted advocacy skills for changes/regulation improvement;
  • Developed skills for project cycle management of RAM “Luludi”;
  • Improved financial sustainability of RAZM “Luludi”;
  • Developed skills and practices for training and development of skills by RAZM “Luludi” team to their target groups.