Civica Mobilitas has published the ninth issue of “Citizens for Change” magazine, which focuses on civic engagement and the changes that occur in the society via CSO actions.

In this spirit, we start with good news. The state has made a big step forward to better nature protection – it has protected Shar Mountain by proclaiming it a National park. Finally, 27 years after the first initiative in 1994, all the stakeholders can take a deep breath, one part of the path has been crossed, and we all congratulate them on that. We discussed with the Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation (BIRS) from Tetovo on this issue, as they are one of the CSOs involved in this process.

Apart from writing about the new status of Shar Mountain, we want to share with you 25 more inspirational stories.

Read about the numerous CSO activities related to water resource protection, cleaning of lakes, monitoring of rivers and watch the documentary “It Is about Water” about the polution of the Vardar River and its tributaries. We have also focused our attention to the vulnerable groups of people, the second Pride Parade, the introduction of the Law for Prevention and Protection from Discrimination for the LGBT community, HIV positive persons, etc. Find out more about the first radio programme specialized for the blind and people with impaired vision, made by the association Centre for Creative Communications.  

In cooperation with the institutions, CSOs filled in critical gaps with their work. Centre for Change Management digitized part of the services of the Ministry of Education and Science, Bravura Kooperativehas worked on economic strengthening of the children without parents and parental care, and RESIS has been dedicated to the communication rights of the vulnerable groups. Konekt has granted the sustainable development awards for the second time, and Rural Coalition has researched the state funding at local level.  

The latest issue of the magazine can be read in Macedonian, Albanian and English.

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