Current events place us in front of serious challenges, not only as representatives of the Civil Society Organizations, but also individually as citizens.

Several Civica Mobilitas’ grantees initiated a joint response to the recent developments in which violence threatens to take the place instead of peaceful protest and debate.

The Call in its entirety, and the List of Civil Society Organizations supporting the initiative is available below.

Call for tensions de-escalation, and consultations continuation on the so-called “French Proposal”

We cannot remain silent observers to the events taking place in the last several days. These events affect deep down into the essence of democracy and our activities as Civil Society Organizations. They undermine peace and tolerance, values that the society painstakingly builds. Values with strong commitment invested by all society stakeholders / actors, the institutional and individual. Efforts made to result built relations based on difference acceptance, and mutual gain from the interdependence.

Therefore, we, the undersigned Civil Society Organizations, express our condemn against the violence that occurred during the protests where the citizens object against the proposal-negotiating framework of the EU (the so-called “French proposal”) in the parts that refer to the bilateral relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria. We condemn all those who consciously or unconsciously encourage the violent development of the protests. Further, we appeal to everyone involved in the protests to behave responsibly. We ask the political parties to publicly disassociate from such incidents, and the institutions and citizens to actively advocate for discouraging participants in the protests to avoidviolent actions. We appeal to the media to professionally and objectively deliver proper information to citizens.

Peaceful protests are one of the ways of expressing one’s opinion. Having a point of view and presentation is a democratic benefit. Although that opinion may not be shared by all fellow citizens – the solution is not avoidance and silence. In this regard, we appeal the debate on the “French Proposal” at all levels to continue. It should be comprehensive, to last as long as necessary to present all the arguments that will lead to an informed decision “for” or “against” the Proposal or by requesting “intermediate solutions”.

Peace and stability, prosperity and democracy are the responsibility of all of us, they are too valuable to be left to political parties alone.

Civil Society Organizations supporting the initiative:

  1. Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC)
  2. Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals – LGBT United Tetovo
  3. Humanitarian association for help and support to the people with special needs “Bravura kooperativa” – Delcevo
  4. Association Center for Sustainable Development of the Debar Community (CSCD)
  5. Association of Roma Cerenja – Stip
  6. Association for promotion and protection of workers’ rights, Decent Worker – Prilep
  7. European Policy Institute – EPI, Skopje
  8. Macedonian association to fight cancer “BORKA”, Skopje
  9. Rural Coalition, Kicevo
  10. Association For Democratic Initiatives (ADI), Gostivar
  11. Dialogue – Center for Deliberative Democracy, Prilep
  12. Women organization Lozovo
  13. IZVOR Association – Kratovo
  14. Association for Regional Development Balkan Economic Forum Skopje
  15. Macedonian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives
  16. Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Skopje
  17. The first children’s embassy in the world Megjashi, Skopje
  18. Research Institute on Social Development – RESIS Skopje
  19. Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI”, Skopje
  20. MEDIA PLUS Association – Stip
  21. Comic Center of Macedonia – Veles
  22. STRONGER TOGHETHER Association Skopje

Note: For all civil society organizations, the list for supporting the initiative is open for joining via email: