The participants which were selected for the “Mentorship for Organizational Development” program successfully completed the activities related to the development of skills and knowledge and have become mentors of the new generation of Civica Mobilitas intuitional grantees.

Sunchica Sazadovska, Ljupka Simonovska – Shultz, Ivan Jovanov and Maja Smilevska are the local experts who will support the institutional grantees in the development of their Organizational Development Plans. So far, they have upgraded their abilities to transfer the knowledge and skills to the organizations, but also build a feeling of ownership of the plans that they prepare via a participative process. The selected mentors will have the role of trainers, consultants, and facilitators in participatory planning.

The advantage of this approach to mentorship by local persons is the possibility for more meetings face to face and field visits, via which one builds a stronger relationship with the organizations, and the process can be tailor-made based on their special needs. This development in the learning program came from the experience of the previous phase of Civica Mobilitas, and it has been to the satisfaction of the new grantees and mentors.

The focus of the process that will take place will concern analyzing the leadership of the organizations, as well as analyzing their effectiveness and the changes that should be made to fulfill the vision, mission, and objectives that the organization strives to achieve in order to make positive social changes.

“Mentorship for Organizational Development” program is part of the learning instrument in Civica Mobilitas. The capacity building activities for the intuitional grantees aim to enable the grantees to more effectively make positive social changes; raising their awareness to make a positive impact on the society, as well as strengthen their capacities to have an impact in the sectors in which they are active.