The Grant Selection Committee evaluated the 62 concepts of the civil society organizations, submitted to the emergency call for ad-hoc grants in Civica Mobilitas (PCM-ADH-02) to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The ad-hoc grants were awarded to 10 organizations:

  • Association for one parent family One can! – Skopje will provide support to vulnerable women, with emphasis on single parents and members of single-parent families, victims of domestic violence and women left without income due to the state of emergency caused by Covid-19.
  • Association for development of the societal-social innovations “WAKE UP” – Skopje will create an “E-psychologist” platform which will be a safe place to connect psychologists and citizens in need of urgent psychological help and will provide support throughout the day.
  • Rural Coalition Kumanovo, which will work on informing the general public about the daily challenges that women from Kumanovo’s rural areas are facing, one of the worst-hit regions with the Corona virus, and provide support for them.
  • Association for international youth cooperation Interaktiv – Bitola. They will engage and motivate young people from the Pelagonija region and beyond during the pandemic, using IT tools and social media.
  • Association for the Development of Culture, Education and Health Kazi Dobro Say OK through the symbol of the rainbow will affect the creation of a positive atmosphere and optimistic attitudes among the population in one of the most affected places by the crisis – Struga’s Labunista.
  • Association for encouragement and promotion of informatics “Association of students and ICT” – Skopje will upgrade the platform which will contain regularly updated data of interest to the citizens regarding the crisis.
  • Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association will work to protect workers at risk from the crisis and will educate service sector workers about their rights and opportunities in this situation.
  • Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative will work on providing access to water and protective equipment (masks and gloves) for 300 Roma families in Prilep and Bitola.
  • Association for animal welfare and environmental care Pawsome Enthusiasts Skopje will alleviate the consequences of pandemics for homeless and vulnerable people and homeless animals.
  • Institute for research and policy analysis – Romalitico Skopje will create a system for monitoring the humanitarian aid and easier coordination for the donations given to the Roma community.

The new grantees will operate in six different sectors, mostly in health and healthcare, human rights and marginalized communities, but also in the information and communication sector, gender issues and culture. Out of the 10 CSOs, five operate at the local/ municipal level, four nationally and one regionally. The total budget of these ad-hoc shares is almost 1 million denars (940,400 MKD).

The SDC’s programme Civica Mobilitas, implemented by NIRAS (Denmark), MCIC (North Macedonia) and FCG (Sweden) began in January 2019 and will last until the end of 2022. The budget of the programme amounts to approximately 6 million Swiss Francs.