About the team

Civica Mobilitas team is consisted from international and national professionals who have multiannual experience in civil organization. Beside the existing experts, for the program necessities different national and international experts are engaged.


International staff, NIRAS / SIPU

National staff, MCIC

Sven Vejen Hindkjaer
International Programme Director, NIRAS

Anne Cecilie Varnild Jorgensen
International Programme Manager, NIRAS

Lotte Klinte
International Quality Assurance Manager, NIRAS

Ake Sahlin
International Quality Assurance, SIPU

Gitte Kettner
International Financial Controller, NIRAS

Petrus Theunisz
International Team Leader, NIRAS

Simon Forester
International Key Expert, NIRAS

Ana Vasilache
International Key Expert, SIPU

Aleksandar Krzalovski
National Team Leader

Emina Nuredinoska
National Deputy Team Leader

Daniela Stojanova
Coordinator of the Programme

Valentina Chicheva
National Coordinator for Institutional Grants

Gonce Jakovleska
National Coordinator for Information and Communication

Boris Ristovski
Web and Social Media Officer

Darko Dimov
National Coordinator for Action Grants

Sara Mustafa
National Coordinator for Small Grants

Adil Bakiu
Helpdesk and Ad Hoc Grants Officer

Monika Bozinovska
Officer for Forums, Facilitation and Research

Kreshnik Ajdini
External Collaborator for Information and Communication

Aleksandra Siljanovska
Junior Officer for Information and Communication

Administration and Finance

Milka Bozinovska-Miova
National Financial Controller

Borce Jakimovski
Administration and Finance