ISIE will implement a 12-month project to prevent corruption in higher education through strengthening the capacities of universities and student bodies in MK to implement the Whistleblower’s Act. Recent ISIE study has showed that there is high perception of corruption among students and university employees. The Whistleblower’s Act has not been implemented at many universities as they lack effective procedures for preventing corruption including appointment of authorized individuals for reporting corruption. ISIE will use the funds to raise awareness regarding the obligations to implement the new law in the higher education system, strengthen capacities of the management, administration and students organizations through signing of a declaration for zero corruption, developing of university Whistleblower’s policy and guide, website, organization of trainings, follow-up activities and innovation of university curricula.

The direct beneficiaries will be (1)students, activists, non-formal groups, (2)student organizations; (3) public universities in Skopje, Bitola, Stip and Tetovo (4)university administration, staff and management.

At the end of project, the beneficiaries will have better knowledge and skills to report corruption, more instruments for distribution of information, developed university mechanism for reporting in accordance to the new law, raised public awareness and generally more enabling environment for reporting corruption in higher education.

(2017-2018), United States Embassy, Democracy Commission Grant, 23085,00 USD