Capitulation, confusion or resistance: social capital among Macedonian high-school students

Young people are a permanent, necessary and progressive element of all societies, whose role is especially important and useful in the public policy making process. However, the youth in Macedonia are yet to be included in these processes at a satisfactory level. This publication is an attempt to change this and it came about as […]

Bosna and Herzegovina country paper

This paper was written in the frame of the project “Western Balkan CSOs for Global Development “, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The project is aimed to raise capacities of Western Balkans’ civil society organization to engage in political dialogue, advocacy and awareness raising of global development issues. Strong and vibrant civil society is […]

Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development

The development of civil society in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey (WBT) was predetermined by the region’s historical, political, economic and cultural development. Vast majority of the countries of the Western Balkans were under socialist rule and they are still in transition into full democratic systems. The evolution of the civil society started in […]

Ways of Non-financial Gains for CSOs in the Balkans and Turkey

This policy brief aims to raise awareness among governmental officials and civil society representatives about the significance of nonfinancial forms of support (NFS) for the development of civil society in the countries from the Balkans and Turkey1. Civil society organizations (CSOs) have benefit from NFS, particularly in the Western Balkan countries, where long term financial […]

Volunteering infrastructure in Europe

In Macedonia, a volunteering legal framework was adopted in 2007 (Official Gazette 85/07). The law on volunteering sets out the basic framework of organised long-term volunteering, conditions for carrying out volunteer activities, rights and obligations of volunteers and organisers of volunteering, volunteering contract and keeping record of volunteer activities. The law recognises volunteering as an […]

Permanentanti-corruption monitoring of the key priorities in the eu pre-accession process

Corruption cannot be seen and it cannot be thought of as an isolated phenomenon. Basically, it involves all aspects of the society. It interrupts the decision-making process at all levels, it restraints the economic development, it disturbs the social politics and undermines the political stability of the countries.Fight against the corruption in a coherent and […]