Freedom of assembly in Macedonia

Тhe legal framework for freedom of assembly in the Republic of Macedonia is relatively comprehensive and liberal, with the right to FOA without notification and unnecessary restrictions enshrined in the Constitution. However, in practice there have been significant developments that limit freedom of assembly. In particular, due to burdensome responsibilities of organized assemblies imposed under […]

Taking Down the Schengen Wall: Why EU’s Paranoid Home Maintenance Should Not Hamper Macedonia’s Integration Process

The right to freedom of movement is a universal right which guarantees that the citizen of a state may, provided she has the proper documentation, freely leave the country, travel where she is welcome and return to her country at any time. Equally, or perhaps even more important is that this right includes the citizen’s […]

Freedom Safeguarding andsecurity, a new sense of common purpose

For over 60 years, NATO has successfully protected our populations and our principles. The transatlantic bond has been a wise investment that has delivered security dividends year after year. At our NATO summit in Chicago we will shape an Alliance that is capable of overcoming the economic crisis of today, while guaranteeing for tomorrow. With […]