Corruption in Higher Education, Analysis with Special Accent on Perofmance on UKIM, Skopje

This publication is an analysis of corruption in higher education with accent on the performance on “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University”. The analysis consists of a reflection of different types of corruption in higher education, answers received from freedom of information requests to state institutions responsible on corruption. The publication entails an analysis of the […]

Permanentanti-corruption monitoring of the key priorities in the eu pre-accession process

Corruption cannot be seen and it cannot be thought of as an isolated phenomenon. Basically, it involves all aspects of the society. It interrupts the decision-making process at all levels, it restraints the economic development, it disturbs the social politics and undermines the political stability of the countries.Fight against the corruption in a coherent and […]

The 2016 report : Neither good not bad

Montenegro started the EU accession negotiations in 2012, with a total number of 28 chapters opened thus far, out of which three are provisionally closed.1 According to the European Commission’s grading system, Montenegro made some progress in the area of rule of law, more specifically in fight against corruption and organised crime. Montenegro is considered to be the leader […]

One step forward, two steps back

2016 marked waking up from an almost decade long slumber in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to the European Union. With the new EU approach from December 2014,1 the focus was shifted to addressing urgent socio-economic reforms. In 2015, BiH returned to the road of reforms, leading to the submission of Application for EU membership in February 2016 and the […]