The Civica Mobilitas grants are aimed at supporting “national” civil organizations i.e. those who usually work in one or more sector on a national level; medium or even small sized CSOs that wish to promote their causes by means of collective actions, organizations that are taking local social actions, for those who wants to address “hot” issues “here and now” and also supports informal, non-registered, CS actors who are engaged in social initiatives for the common good.

Interpretation of the mutual history of modern time

The association Peace Action and the History teachers association of Macedonia (HTAM) are implementing the project “Interpretation of the mutual history of modern time “. The project is a 12 months’ initiative that started on June the 1st 2020, and its goal is: Created peacebuilding partnerships within the education system. Through the implementation of the […]

Premiere of the theater play “Human Story”

It is our special pleasure to invite you to the premiere of the theater play “Human Story”, directed by Besfort Idrizi. The play was realized within the framework of the project “My Ombudsman – theater as a mode to raise awareness on fundamental rights”, produced by Onlimit Media in partnership with The Ombudsman. This activity […]

Public image seminar organized by USAID CEP

Our Visualizations and Public Image Specialist, Milosh Gjuroski, participated at the Public image seminar organized by the Civic Engagement Project in Macedonia.


Nationalism is the most successful way for mobilizing masses for a project. The greatest dictators world has ever known have been creations of an aggressive nationalism. The invasion of neighboring territories, the extermination of others and hatred against others, are the most certain ways of mobilization and leadership of a nation. Einstein called nationalism “an […]

Youth exchange

Youth Exchange-“Youth Led Activism”- Prishtina, Kosovo 25 th June – 1 th July 2017 The Youth Exchange, “Youth-led Activism” will be an exchange between young people from Kosovo, Macedonia and Sweden. It will take place during the last week of June in Europe´s youngest capital, Prishtina in Kosovo. The focus is on how to create a […]

Interview of Finance Think’s CEO for Utrinski

Our CEO, Blagica Petreski, in an interview for Utrinski vesnik speaks about the trends in the economy and the challenges for the new government. Click for the interview.

Sectoral economic policies

Although this program is entitled ‘sectoral economic policies`, its importance in Finance Think is broader and applies to all policies affecting economic growth and development of Macedonia. This research program includes but is not limited to: social policies, policies in education and health, agricultural policy, policies in the area of the financial system, policies related […]

Certificate of appreciation to Multikultura by the Day Care Center of Tetovo

On 2nd of December 2016 on the behalf of the International Day of People with Disabilities Multikultura was graduated with certificate of appreciation by The Day Care Center of Tetovo, as a sign of great collaboration over the years.

The Social Inclusion Trainings, Last Module

On 1 and 2 December 2016, within the project Entrepreneurship Platform for Economic and Social Inclusion of women from minority groups, Multikultura organized the last module of the Social Inclusion Trainings.

The social inclusion training 2

On 24 and 25 November 2016, within the project Entrepreneurship Platform for Economic and Social Inclusion of women from minority groups, Multikultura organized the first module of the social inclusion training.

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