About the Partnership

SDC LOGOSDC – Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation engaged NIRAS from Denmark, and Macedonian centre for international cooperation (MCIC and SIPU from Sweden for implementing the civil society support program Civica Mobilitas. For further information: https://www.eda.admin.ch/sdc


NIRAS LOGONIRAS A/S is a Danish Consultancy Company with over 1300 employees of 180 are working on development projects. Building on more than 40 years of experience in over 100 countries, NIRAS provides a full range of programme management services, including in areas such as good governance, decentralization and CS. For further information: www.niras.dk


MCMS logoMCIC is a Skopje-based CSO established in 1993 that encourages social change in Macedonia and elsewhere through mainstreaming innovative solutions to social problems. MCIC has a substantial involvement in the Macedonian CS sector, notably through leading CS ID/OS programmes, including advocacy, capacity building, granting, research, as well as humanitarian support. MCIC has implemented 738 projects in Macedonia and its neighbouring countries. MCIC is a recipient of the US/EU Civic Society and Democracy Award (1998). For further information see: www.mcms.mk


SIPU LOGOSIPU International AB is a Swedish consultancy company that promotes social change world-wide and that specialises in ID/OS in transitional countries, with a strong emphasis on the Western Balkans. SIPU’s work includes capacity development of individuals and organizations. For further information see: www.sipuinternational.se