In the previous version of the project and web-platform our focus was on collecting, presenting and making a base for further analysis on a certain part of the center of Skopje. We analyzed the problems of complex processes of densification of the urban tissue in the case study area Debar Maalo and Bunjakovec in order to create a new visual language for a better communication between the citizens and the municipality or the city planners. In the past 24 months we learned a great deal about the website’s new role as a tool working in-between the rigid system of planning of the city and the bureaucratic nature of the process of approving and realization of the urban plans. From the responses that we got from the local citizens and with the data collected we can understand some issues much better and we can act in different ways in order to prevent, understand and share our ideas with as much users as possible and to finally propose a citizens act, to articulate local citizens visions and to help the urban planners in understanding the vivid social environment of contemporary Skopje.