The paper analyses the most important aspects of the process of Europeanization of the EU Member States national constitutions, as well as the need of the Republic of Macedonia to join in this process bearing in mind the experience of the countries that have already gone along this path. The experience of the EU Member States is particularly important for Republic of Macedonia because it can help in reflecting all problems and difficulties that this journey brings along, as well as the possible solutions in the process of amending the national Constitution. Significant importance is also given to the precedent law of the EU Court of Justice in the part of protection of human rights and freedoms and the basic freedoms within the Union as a source of the law that should be kept in the focus in the process of harmonization of the Macedonian Constitution with the EU legislation. Comparison showed that membership in the EU gives rise to numerous and specific constitutional challenges due to the specific features of the EU legal system. Almost all EU Member States have amended their Constitutions in order to meet the requirements resulting from their integration into the EU legal system.